Penny Project Update

As we were writing our book, Recycled Crafts, there was a project we coined “The Penny Project”.  I knew wouldn’t be *completely* finished in time for the book release, but that was alright. Instructions for making “Penny letters” was complete, and up to the reader to decide what comes next. Here’s the expert from the book on the penny project….

 Step 3 – Attach Pennies

We used sparkle Mod Podge, so that it would add a bit more bling to the letters. It acted like a sealer and glue for the pennies.

Here’s the finished letters: Penny Letters

This project is far from finished, as we plan to make a large sign for the living room. However, we hope this tutorial gives you an idea or two on phrases for your wall, using cardboard as a background.

(Exert from Recycled Crafts: Crafts Made from Recycled Items)

This craft is STILL not finished, but we’ve taken a giant step closer. Since we’ve been building an office in the garage, leftover drywall pieces were part of our crafting arsenal as we figured out what to do next. One piece in particular was absolutely perfect for the penny letters….


Almost finished! Penny letter art.

Penny letter art…almost finished!

After painting the drywall black, we glued on the penny letters with a hot glue gun and painted around them. Pretty simple, right?I love using items we have just lying around. By the way, the “cost” of the project in pennies was $2.36. It was a family decision to use the word “Treasure”, which I totally fell in love with.

Even though it’s now hung in the living room, there’s still something missing. A border? Maybe. I’m thinking more of something coming down from it, sort of underlining the word. Perhaps a random material destined for the trash will present itself to us, or we’ll find the missing piece in the craft closet some day soon. Either way, I love that it’s hung and we’ve at least gotten that far 🙂

What do YOU think we should add?


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