National Novel Writing Month is coming

The clock is now ticking down, and I am anxiously awaiting the start of November. It’s almost time to write! I realize that I shouldn’t need a special month to write a novel, but it helps. When a mass amount of authors are standing by to cheer you on (or share in your agony), it makes it a lot easier to crank out 50,000 words. There’s goals, every day, every week, and for the entire month. Others have hit every goal, year after year, so why shouldn’t I? Hell of a motivator, let me tell you.

There’s also the biggest reason of all for completing NaNo… having a completed novel. Like, for real. Last year I finished, a little over 2,000 words shy, but with a finished novel regardless. Not only that, but it was a novel I’ve been trying to complete for years. YEARS. At the end of November, I was more than satisfied, despite the lack of word count.

After the novel was finished, I did something brilliantly stupid – I didn’t look at it again for 9 months. I mean, I tried a few times to start the editing process. The first paragraph (and first chapter, for that matter) was a holy hot mess. I couldn’t ‘see’ the bigger picture any more, nor did I have a clue how to fix it. But after I FINALLY got past that first craptastic beginning, I flew. Before I knew it, the novel wasn’t just finished – it was edited, too! Not only that, but it was PUBLISHED! In fact, it was just released last week. That’s something I’ve been wanting to accomplish for more than a decade. (It’s published under my pen name – Dawn J. Stevens. Not a secrete by any means, just a separation between Idea Queen and fiction).

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

So here we are. One month before the start of pure writer’s hell, with a HUGE prize. It’s like Survivor without leaving the computer. But I’m ready – READY! – to get this next round going. Unlike last year, there’s a story rolling around in my head.  Another piece to Kira’s Tale, with a different character and story to tell. This one will be about  Vivian, who’s motives and experiences are much different from Kira’s. After Vivian’s story has been told, who knows? There are so many characters floating around in that first book, and so many interesting backgrounds. I see them when I close my eyes, when I’m doing dishes, or driving. They speak to me and beg me to tell their stories. Who am I to deny them?

Are YOU ready for NaNoWriMo?



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