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Hello there! Welcome to Idea Queen, the website of a crafty mom with a crazy family.

I am a mom of four lovely kids and a wife of a wonderful but crazy guy. Taken as a whole, I have a beautiful but crazy family whom I love so much and will definitely do everything for, despite the usual chaos and craziness that seem to pervade our daily lives. Know that I will never trade my family for anything in this world and I think that is a sentiment that my husband and kids share.

As a hands-on mom, my life is really full of the daily things that I do for my kids, my husband and our pet parrot. Yes, we have a pet parrot when all other families would have a cat or a dog. But no. Inside our lovely glass garage door in Las Vegas installed by A1 Garage Door Service, we keep our talkative parrot named Greg. He is a beloved member of the family and a not-so-great keeper of secrets. Haha!

As a way to relax and just keep my sanity, I embark on different arts and craft projects, including cooking and baking. All of these I post here in this blogsite, in an effort to share with you my very own inventions and innovations. I hope that you will take the time to explore this website, see what I have been up to and like what you see.

Here I am posting the following things:

Arts and Crafts

I am currently involved in various arts and crafts projects. I paint in watercolours and oil, I do papier mache projects, I create sculptures, I craft jewelry pieces, I do knitting and embroidery and has even dabbled in Japanese origami. All of these things are available in the Arts and Crafts tab of this blogsite. I hope that you will be able to check them all out and let me know your thoughts. I would love it if you will engage with me so that I get your inputs on the projects that I am undertaking. It would also be fun to collaborate with other moms or like-minded individuals.

Cooking and Baking

It’s so hard to be a mom and keep your family interested in the things that you are cooking and baking, right? This is why I really try my best to come up with food ideas and recipes that my kids and husband will love. I carefully chronicle here my kitchen adventures in the hope of inspiring you and even sharing all of my successes and failures. I firmly believe that we can all learn from each other. So I hope that you will contact me and share with me your very own kitchen journeys.

Hopefully, you will really take the time to look through everything that I have posted here. I sincerely hope that moms like me, would be moms, kids and dads will appreciate my recipes and crafts. Know that everything I’ve done here was usually done with my kids so I hope you’ll get an idea of how doing these things with your family will enhance your bond with each other.

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