5 Gift Ideas for Girls

5 Gift Ideas for Girls

The following low-cost ideas may help you decide what to get your girls this year for Christmas or their birthday. Each of them can be very cheap if you look in the right places or make them yourself.

  • Handmade Items

This may work better for little ones, but if you can sew you can create all kinds of handmade items. Doll clothes, clothes for the kids, bedding, and quilts are just a few. My daughter absolutely loves getting clothes for her dolls. Granted it’s usually mom dressing them, but she likes it anyway.

Last year for Christmas I found tiny iron-on ballet shoes to put on a doll shirt. Since she is very much into dance right now, she absolutely LOVED this.

  • Toy Collections

This may not always be low cost, but asking all family members to buy certain types of toys can help your kids keep their toys organized better. Plus it’s always exciting to have entire sets of certain toys.

Things like My Little Ponies, Webkinz, and My Littlest Pet Shop are great toys (and often inexpensive as well). Check with mom to see what the little girl likes. There’s always accessories and different items to buy for each of the sets listed.

  • Dollar Stores

While they may not always be the best quality of products, with some children this may be your best bet. As much as we try to teach our children to be good with their toys, sometimes it doesn’t matter and they get broken anyway. Buying cheaper items may cut down on your costs.

Colouring books work well, as do stickers and other “general” toys like jump ropes, bubbles, and chalk. At a buck a piece, you won’t break the bank and they’ll be entertained for hours.


  • Personalized Items

A special gift for kids can be as simple as an item with their name on it. There is no shortage of personalized products out there – they can be CDs, books, pencils, clothes, and other items.

Lots of personalized gift ideas can be found at Idea Queen.

  • School Supplies & Clothes

While they may not always be appreciative of “boring” gifts, you can sometimes get away with buying something useful. School supplies featuring their favourite characters they would love, as would special outfits in colours or characters which interest them. If they are starting kindergarten soon, this could be an exciting gift.

Be careful on the items you buy though, as they may not be able to use them. Most schools have very specific lists of items that parents can vary from. Also if the child is being homeschooled, be careful not to get them something the parents won’t be using. “Safe” items usually include pencils or writing tablets (the kind you use to print letters) for little ones.

These are just a few gift ideas for girls. More kids gift ideas can be found on Idea Queen for both boys and girls.

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