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About Idea Queen

Hello and welcome! I’m “The Idea Queen”, but also known online as Kara Kelso. I am busy mother of 2 young children, and run several online websites based in Prairie City, IA.

The title “Idea Queen” was given by other fellow webmasters because I am well known for coming up with new ideas on a regular basis.

Most of the ideas on Idea Queen come from personal experience, and from the experience of others. I’m active with my kids and family, although also work hard on websites. This site is updated on a regular basis as new ideas come to me.

You’ll find recipe ideas straight for my kitchen, crafts I’ve done with my kids, and other ideas that I use on a regular basis.

New ideas from guests are always welcome, but all entries must be original, meaning no part of the article may be published on any other website. All ideas must also be YOUR idea, not the ideas of others.

Articles can be sent to Kara by using the form below.

Enjoy your stay, and please be sure to stop back often!

“The Idea Queen”

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