Idea Queen is a popular resource site for parents. It’s features include recipes, birthday ideas, crafts, gift basket ideas, and more. Currently the average daily unique visitors top well over 700, and over 20,000 unique visitors per month.

We are offering two types of advertising. These forms of advertising are designed to help you improve exposure, as well as increase popularity in the search engines.

Site Wide Button Advertising
Your ad in the navigation of the site near the top (viewable without scrolling). Your ad will be seen by over 20,000 visitors on average, and by every visitor of Idea Queen’s main section regardless of the page they enter on.

125 x 125 Button Ad – $50/mo -

Site Wide Text Link
The purpose of this ad is to increase your popularity in the search engines. Your text link will appear under “Recommended Resources” for one month. Will be linked to over 100 pages on Idea Queen. We use a “do-follow” plug-in on our blog, so your link will be indexed by search engines.

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