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Birthday Party Theme Ideas

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This page filled with birthday party theme ideas applies to children's parties. For other specific age groups, please be sure to see our full list of free birthday party ideas.

Children's birthday parties can be fun, but coming up with new birthday party theme ideas every year can be a challenge. This page features both birthday party theme ideas as well as games to play at the party. Many of the games listed in the ebook below can be slightly changed to fit any birthday party theme ideas you come up with.

Party Games

Need some ideas for games to go with the birthday party theme ideas? No matter what birthday party theme ideas you come up with, you may need a game or two! The ebook below features games for kids, teens, and even adults. A must have for your ebook collection!

88 Group Party Games
Group Party Games

This ebook is jammed packed with over 80 different games to go along with your birthday party ideas. Best of all, this ebook has games for all ages! No matter if you are looking for bithday party ideas for kids, adults, or teenages, this ebook has games for all!

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Pool Party

Birthday party theme ideas which include a trip to the local pool are not ideal for real small children due to safety issues, but perfect for those a little older. Some pools will even allow you to rent the pool for a few hours in the evening. Check with your local public pool for details and if it's possible.

If it's not possible to rent the pool, simply taking the birthday child and a few guests will work just as well. If the pool is in (or around) the park, you could hold the party befor everyone goes swimming.

Motel Party

Again, birthday party theme ideas including motels are a better idea for the older child, that can be trusted in a room with friends alone. Renting a joint room next door is almost a must.

This type of party will only work for a specific age group. Too young and you don't want a group of kids alone in a motel room (even if you are next door). Too old, and they won't enjoy their parents "watching". Use your best judgement.

Mall Party

Does your local mall have something that makes it unique? It might just be perfect for birthday party theme ideas. Even a day of shopping or a scavenger hunt would work.

Chucky Cheese

Not much needs to be said about a birthday party at Chucky Cheese - they are already set up specifically for parties. Contact your local Chucky Cheese for details.

Be sure to ask your child before planning. Sometimes as mothers we don't want our children to grow up, and assume they will like something they've already grown out of.

Skating Rink or Ice Skating Rink

If you have one close by that can be rented, check for details on holding a private party. Many have rooms specifically for parties. Make sure you can rent skates (most places have this option) for the kids who do not have their own.

Be sure to set a number for how many they can invite, since tickets can be expensive if you are not renting the entire place.

Park Party

Simple yet effective for younger children. Gather up the kids and take them to the park. A day at the park with all their friends is extremely easy on you, and they can easily keep themselves entertained for hours. They'll have a blast and you'll have little to clean up!

Specific Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Looking for a character or specific birthday party theme ideas for cake and decorations? Here are a few ideas you can use:

- Spiderman
- Batman
- Super Heros (in general)
- Spongebob
- Dora the Explorer
- Scooby Doo
- Strawberry Shortcake
- Care Bears
- Blue's Clues
- Seasonal themes (example: snowman for winter parties)

Be sure to pay close attention and even ask what type of birthday party theme ideas your child had in mind for their celebration. Remember it's all about THEM. You can find more birthday party theme ideas at the Party Works Supply store at the banner below.

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Additional Birthday Party Theme Ideas

The following birthday party theme ideas were submitted by our visitors.

Ashley suggests a sleepover or a scavenger hunt. You could do either one or both together, and all the kids would have a blast. Thank you Ashley for these very cute ideas!

Bear Stuffing & ID Cards
Submitted by Wendy Baird

"My daughter just turned 9 in July. I took her and a friend out of town to go roller skating. I didn't have alot of money for a hugh 15 kid event so she chose her best friend and skating. I ordered a couple of matching bears and let them stuff. I then brought a couple of catalogs so they could look through in front of me. Now I know what outfits to get at Christmas!

Another thing I did was do pass out dna and figerprinting kits and id cards to the parents with the invitation so they could get something set up for Lily before the trip out of town.

Lily's mom and dad love me to death and do trust me. I think this is why. I do not take chance with loved ones. "

Angel Birthday Party
Idea by Elaine K Stephen

Looking for a great theme for a Birthday party? Why not throw an Angel theme party! You can weave Angels into almost every aspect of your Birthday party. Here's how:

Make Angel party invitations on your computer. There are many great card creating software programs available, types and colors of stationery and invitation size envelopes available at stationery stores and free clip art web sites on the Internet for creating your one of a kind Angel Birthday party invitation.

Make an Angel banner. There are many great card creating software programs available, banner stationery available at stationery stores and free clip art web sites on the Internet for creating your Angel banner. Here are some Angel banner greeting ideas for creating your one of a kind banner:

Happy Birthday Angel (Child's Name)!
Welcome To My Angel Birthday Party!
Guardian Angels Celebrate With Me Today!

Make a Birthday Angel centerpiece. For a Birthday party buffet or cake table have a birthstone Angel figurine sitting on a cloud of cotton.

Make an Angel shape cake. Bake a small cake round and a large cake round. The small cake round is the head. From the large cake round cut a triangle piece in center. The triangle piece is the Angel's gown and the 2 side pieces turned sideways become the Angel's wings. Ice and decorate. Instead of cake candles, have a large hand carved Angel candle next to the cake to blow out and make a wish. The candle is also one of the birthday presents.

Instead of ice cream or packaged candy with brand names, you can very easily make Angel shape candy. You can buy inexpensive candy molds and candy melts at a craft store. All that is required for the candy melts is a microwave oven. Wrap the Angel candy in clear plastic wrap or foil or you can buy inexpensive candy wrappers at a craft store. Candy melts come in many pastel colors as well as white chocolate and traditional chocolate for a birthday party.

Give Angel party favors. Ideas are inexpensive (Birthday girl's) birthstone Angel ornaments, Angel pins, Angel bracelets, Angel rings or Angel necklaces.

For entertainment, play an Angelic game. One idea is to have a draw the best Angel with Angel pens contest. The birthday girl picks the winner, excluding herself of course, and the winner receives an Angel gift. Another idea is musical Angel party favors. Have 1 Angel party favor that is different from all the rest. Wrap all the Angel party favors in wrapping paper and have the guests sit in a circle. While a piece of Angelic music plays, the guests pass the party favors around the circle. When the music stops everyone opens their party favor and the one who holds the unique party favor in her hand wins a musical Angel figurine. Complete an Angel craft for lots of Angelic fun.

Tie it all together:
Select one or two colors for the Angel party theme and have matching plates, napkins, table cloths, balloons, etc. For party decorations hang inexpensive, light weight Angel ornaments from twirled streamers. These Angel party decorations should match your color theme for the party.

An Angel theme party using these tips and tricks is sure to have your guest talking favorably about your party for years to come. Why some of your guests might give you the highest compliment a party hostess can get by wanting an Angel theme Birthday party of their own!

Good luck with your next birthday party!

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