Aug 25

With the kids back in school, it’s time to get some major work done around the house. Over the summer a plan was put into place to keep the house at least somewhat tidy as well as giving the kids something to do to earn play time with friends. That plan was “a chore a day”, where they were given something quick to do everyday before they could play. Sometimes it was putting away clothes, which I’m now regretting.

Yes it’s true children can put their own clothes away, however, they don’t always do the best of jobs.  Closets and drawers are an absolute mess, so it’s time to organize. It’s always easier finding clothes for school in the morning when things are well organized. ;)

In addition to the mess in the closets, there’s a mess in the laundry room too. Half way through the summer I gave up trying to get them to put away clothes, so we’ve fallen behind a bit. The baskets are stuffed, needless to say. I got a jump start yesterday by sorting the “sock basket” and getting all the socks put away. The rest of this week I’ll spend on getting kids clothes put away and sorting as I go.

This job -should- only take a day or two, but one never knows what might be lurking in the laundry room or the kids rooms. I’ve avoided their rooms as much as possible the last few months, and it’s time to enter the unknown.

Wish me luck!

Apr 15

I’m a day late, I know, but yesterday was a bit hectic. But today I’m ready to jump into some major housework and a brand new challenge for the week.

For some reason my laundry room has been a mess since I moved in. If I’m not behind on doing laundry, I’m behind on putting it away. And if all our normal clothes are put away, there’s always something stacked in the laundry room that needs attention. I’m sure I’m not alone here, so this week’s challenge is focused on the laundry room.

Right now I need to get a lot of things put away, and also get the out-grown pile in bags. What kind of work does your laundry room need? Do you need to put away clothes, get caught up on laundry, or do something as simple as mop the floor? Post it here if you are joining in our weekly challenge!

Apr 7

Yup, it’s Tuesday again! Time to pick a chore you don’t do on a regular basis and work on it this week.

Looking at the mess of clothes we’ve got, I figured this would be a good week to sort clothes. We get loads of hand-me-downs from cousins and neighbors, and it’s gotten quite out of hand. I know there’s several of these boxes with clothes that will fit my kids, I just need to find them.

On the flip side of that, I need to get rid of all the clothes the kids have grown out of. So while you are putting new clothes in the drawer, get rid of the ones that they’ve outgrown. Give them to a friend, relative, or local consignment shop if you have no one else to give them to.

Be sure to post your progress later this week!

Mar 31

Take a peek behind your electronics….does it look pretty bad? Even though mine were all moved out just a few short months ago, dust and certain items are beginning to accumulate again.

This week we’ll focus on cleaning behind the electronics, such as your TV, DVD, stereo, and whatever else you have in a main room. If you are feeling ambitious, clean behind all of them in the house including TVs in bedrooms and other rooms which have electronics in them.

Be sure to post your progress, or at least a note to say you’ll be joining us in this week’s challenge!

Mar 24

This week I thought it would be a great idea to focus on shelves. I think we all have something up high, such as a place we dump things we’re attempting to keep out of the reach of children.

While I’m going to focus on the shelves I have in the living room, you can focus on any area of the house. These shelves sometimes get loaded down with unnecessary stuff, or just flat out dusty because they aren’t often seen. If you have decorative items on these shelves, give those a scrub as well.

Post your progress here and join us next week for another focus!

Mar 17

If you are like me and actually USE the kitchen in your home, you know how dirty it can get in a hurry. I’m not just talking about the floor needing swept or mopped, or even flour on the counters nearly every day. What I’m talking about is the REALLY nasty jobs that don’t get done every day, such as cleaning behind the fridge or scrubbing out the sink.

So take a good look around your kitchen. Does the counter need cleaned behind your appliances? Is the inside of your oven pretty gross? Does your microwave need a good scrubbing? Don’t forget the crumbs in the toaster!

This week just focus on those really dirty jobs around the kitchen and get to it. You’ll be happy to you did, even if your kitchen needs cleaned again in a week or two!

Make sure you report here once this week’s task is finished! ;-)

Mar 10

Once upon a time we had a weekly ritual here at the blog called “Tidy Tuesday”. It was meant as a weekly motivation (or kick in the behind, if you will) to get me and all you awesome readers up and doing those “once in awhile” jobs like cleaning out shelfs and washing windows.

Judging by the looks of my house, it’s time we get back to that.

So this week we’ll start off easy with something I already did (nothing like cheating out of the gate, eh?). Let’s clean out the fridge. I don’t mean just throwing out last week’s leftovers, but REALLY cleaning it. Get in there and SCRUB. It’s amazing what can get stuck on the inside of the fridge when you aren’t looking.  ;-)

Sep 2

No Tidy Tuesday Tip today - my house is still being worked on and new carpet is going in next weekend. The house is in pieces still, so cleaning is somewhat of a lost cause right now.

What I thought we’d do instead is leave today open for discussion. The question is, how clean is your house? Don’t be afraid to be honest, because I’m sure mine would put yours to shame even if it wasn’t under construction.

Let’s hear it!

Aug 26

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things after a very crazy summer, so I apologize for the lack of posts. But I figured we can jump right back in with Tidy Tuesday to get things rolling.

This week is all about cleaning windows. Now if you are a good housekeeper (which I am NOT, but that’s alright), you probably clean your main windows almost every day. Ones like sliding glass doors, livingroom windows, etc. The windows which get fingerprints on them seconds after you walk away.

So for those of you who keep up with the daily stuff, your challenge this week is to clean up those windows you don’t see as often. This could be windows in a spare bedroom, windows you need a chair to see out of, ones hidden by curtains most the time, and so on. For the rest of us, the challenge is getting ALL the windows done, including the high traffic areas.

–>Side Tip: Use newspaper instead of paper towels to avoid streaks<—-

Feel free to leave a comment to brag about getting all your windows done this week!

Aug 19

Finally, the house is almost back in order from the remodeling. The last task that will be done in the next few weeks is laying the carpet. Since it’s being professionally installed, we’ll have people moving heavy items for us. However, as it stands right now, there would be an avalanche if someone attempted to move my desk.

So this week the focus will be on cleaning off my desk, including the top shelves and every single cubby. Not something I’m looking forward to, but it needs to be done. Unless I want a huge mess on my hands that is.

Post your progress come next Tuesday!

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