Jan 15

Let’s face it - the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to decorate a kids room is with posters. Not just any posters though, but rather ones features their own personal interests.

For Christmas I had found a book of Hanna Montana posters that included probably 10 or more sheet-of-paper-sized posters. Since I have a Hanna Montana fan, this made an excellent gift. It also dressed up her room a lot, and she loved it.

Full size posters are also great, and both my kids have those on their walls as well. We got them pretty cheap, spending no more than $5 on each of them.

But what else can you use for fun kids room decor? Well, how about some personalized art?

Just about every place that sells crafts also sells poster boards for a little bit of nothing. You know, the giant sheets of paper the same size as a full size poster, usually made from cardstock or other sturdy paper. While you are there, pick up some crafty items such as paint, glitter glue, foam stickers, colored feathers, or whatever else catches your attention.

With all your supplies ready, let the kids have at it! You could make a whole day around this craft project, then help them put it up on their wall when they are finished. Not only are you giving them something fun to do, but allowing them to get involved in the design of their room. See? Fun, easy, cheap. Perfect!

Aug 4

A month or two ago, before they even started work on our house, my daughter found something of interest at the dollar store. It was a small wood hanging picture that says “Angel” on it. Very simple, very cheap (we were at the REAL dollar store, where everything is a dollar and no more)……yet it  made her so very happy. She decided it would go up on her wall as soon as they were done with her room.

Now that they are just about finished with her room, we’ll have to be on the look out for more things just like that. Even though she begged for pink walls, I decided they would be white and we’d decorate. I know from experience little girls don’t always like pink for long, so painting her walls pink would have been asking for trouble.

Some of the decoration we’ll be adding will be regular posters (like the ones you find at Walmart for a few bucks), more pictures like we found at the dollar store, and of course her own handmade decorations. Whatever can be easily removed later on. She’s also getting shelves built right into the wall, so I’m sure a few items will be displayed there too.

It’s not hard to please a 5 year old, and you can do it as cheap as possible if you know where to look. ;)

Jun 19

Since we are remodeling the house right now, I thought I would share a source I found for lighting, both indoor and outdoor.

Willow Glen has a very organized website, and a huge selection on just about any kind of lighting you can think of. They really stress the fact their items are high quality, so it’s worth checking out the site if are like me and tired of the junk at Walmart. I want something that’s going to last more than a year, so it’s time to look at more high quality products like these.

The indoor lighting on the site includes floor lamps (like for bedrooms - there are some REALLY nice styles there) as well as wall figures (which there are a few places are needing some of those as well).

The outdoor lighting includes not just exterior wall fixtures (which both our front and back lights need replacing), but garden and landscaping lights as well. This will probably be the last item we look for while remodeling since there’s so much that needs to be done inside, but I’m still bookmarking the site.

Anyway, there’s some really beautiful items on the site to see. Go take a look!

Apr 3

This can be a tricky one. Kids can destroy a room faster than you can pick it up, so you’ll really want to get blinds or curtains of some sort that are going to hold up.

That really goes for any room for that matter - I can’t tell you how many different sets of blinds we’ve had all over the house. The only ones that have survived were in areas they never go.

Blinds in general should be avoided if you have small children. The strings are too tempting to pull, they get caught in them, and they are just way too easy to break. You are better off sticking with some type of curtain that’s safe, such as this Butterfly Bamboo Curtain from YourKidsDirect. I love this particular curtain because it’s a lot harder for them to tear down and it looks really nice in any room.

Now if the kids are older, your blinds should be safe. Take a trip to your local Walmart or Target to see what’s available for cheap blinds. Or you could take a look at the Ready-Made 2 Faux Wood Blinds, 23W x 64L available from HomeVisions. They have several different colors and sizes listed for you to choose. One major plus to shopping online is you can measure your windows just seconds before buying. It’s a lot easier than having to write it down then forgetting the paper when you go out shopping.

Mar 14

After seeing my son’s Webkinz bathroom decorated in a Safari theme, I thought how fun it might be to find some safari bedroom items for a REAL room.

YourKidsDirect.com actually has quite a few different items for Safari bedroom theme decorating. The first thing you’ll probably want to look for is bedding. Click below for bedding options (features both full and twin quilts, plus other matching items).

Safari Bedding & Accessories

Next you’ll need Safari furniture. There are several absolutely adorable options available, which you can see below. This includes a bookcase, chair, table set, and even a beautiful toy chest. Click on the pictures for more details on each item.

Safari Rocking Chair

Safari Table & Chair Set

Safari Toy Chest

Safari Book Display

For window treatments, be on the look out for things like light or dark green curtains, or even camouflage if it fits your current decor. Safari bedroom theme decorating can be a whole lot of fun for both you and the kids!

Feb 1

Most little girls absolutely love the color pink, and love to be the princess too. Here are some ideas on how to transform your little girl’s room into a room fit for a princess.

I strongly advice against painting the walls pink. They don’t stay little forever, and will eventually want a different color on their walls. Keep it white and use accents or murals. You’ll be glad you did later on.

Example: Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Jumbo Wall Accents

Window Treatments
Another very easy addition to your pink princess theme room is curtains and other window treatments. It’s not hard to find pink “frilly” curtains for a girl’s princess room.

Example: Princess Flora Valance, ea. 84W x 15L

Lamps can be fun and really “light up” the whole room. There are some really fun lamps to chose from now, so be sure to look around. While it’s simple to just choose a pink lamp, you can also pick up one that focuses on their favorite princess (or just princess in general).

Example: Pink Ribbon Table Lamp

This one is pretty easy, since you can find pink princess bedding just about anywhere. Two of the most popular designs right now are the Disney princesses and Dora princess. Other pink bedding (maybe with some frills) would work as well.

Example: Princess Bed in a Bag Set, Twin

Another option for the bed is a canopy. This idea stems back to the 16th century, when royalty had canopy beds and beautiful drapes over their bed. You can find the entire canopy and bed all together, or sometimes just buy the canopy. The canopy alone really isn’t all that expensive

Example: Alaina┬┤s Heart Twin Canopy Top

Here’s where you can get really creative and pull the whole theme together. There is so many different types of princess decor out there, including a ‘general’ princess theme, Dora princess (great for little ones), and Disney princess. Decor would include not just wall decor, but furniture as well. YourKidsDirect has a lot of neat options for various princess decor.

Example: Princess Bookcase

I hope these suggestions and examples give you some ideas on how to create a pink princess theme room for your little princess!

Jan 15

We’ve been giving much thought to colors, themes, and painting ideas for both the kids rooms. Both rooms are in dire need of being painted.

My daughter’s room could really use new walls period because the paneling is so old and has already been painted once. We might just rip out the paneling and strip the old wallpaper under it, but it’s hard to say at this point. That’s a whole lot of work for just one room, and stripping wallpaper is NOT fun (I already did it once in the living room, and have swore I would never, ever put up wallpaper).

My son’s room also needs some attention. The top half has already been painted white, but the bottom half is nothing more than primer. A project that was started a few years ago and never finished - nothing new in this house.

So it’s time to start thinking of what to colors to paint. Originally the bottom half of my son’s room was going to be a light blue (the same color as the top half of the living room), although he’s protesting. He wants red or black, but I refuse. It’s just too hard to paint over those colors and you know his tastes will change later on. I might be able to change his mind about the blue, but just in case I’ve got a back up plan. I picked up some color samples of acceptable colors.

My daughter insists on pink or purple, but again I must refuse. Little girls only like girly colors for so long. I had a pink room growing up, and I can’t tell you how much I hated it as a teen. It was a very large room, and every corner of it was pink, including the carpet. My friends would comment “wow that’s a pink room” to which I would roll my eyes and curse my parents for decorating it like that.

My daughter’s room will most likely be white, or something that will go with any decor, regardless how much her tastes change. Same as the boy’s room. He’ll most likely get solid white walls as well. Pink (for the girl) or red (for the boy) decor will be in the form of easy to change items like posters, pictures, bedding, and curtains. Things you usually don’t keep forever anyway.

As far as any other painting designs on the walls, those will probably be kept to a minimum if we do it at all. The hallway has textured paint and I hate it. It’s VERY hard to clean, scratches you when you brush against it, and there’s places where the texture has been rubbed off making it look awful. NEVER will I have textured paint again on walls.

Bottom line - keep it simple. Your tastes can change just as much as kids sometimes, and you don’t want to be stuck with walls you don’t like looking at. Just keep it simple and you’ll be happier in the long run. ;)

For decorating ideas, be sure to see our section on Idea Queen for cool kids bedrooms.

Jan 11

It’s a miracle. My 5 yr old daughter cleaned her room without even being asked to. Although I suspect it has something to do with the fact I just got her a new shelf for her toys, but I had told her it’s not going in there until the room as clean.

I’m actually pretty proud of these shelves, since they cost me a whole $3 at a consignment shop. You just can NOT beat that price, and it was something we really needed. Big toy bins only go so far when you are trying to organize a room. Needless to say we are excited to get it in her room.

This is just one step in a very long road to decorate each of the kids rooms. Up until now their rooms have been just a place to “keep their stuff”, but we are in the process of turning each room into “their personal space”. This is a HUGE challenge to say the least.

During the transformations, I’ll be referencing several pages already up on Idea Queen. The section featuring kids room ideas holds many of the ideas already floating around in my head. Plus of course, I’ll be searching for specific products at Your Kids Direct.

I’d love to hear any personal stories or ideas you’ve used for your kids rooms!

Dec 12

Since Christmas is almost here and you’ll soon have a few extra toys in the house, I figured this was a good day to pull up a craft we did quite some time ago. It’s been on Idea Queen for a good 2 years now, but it’s one of those crafts you can do as many times as you want. One of our smaller toy boxes I just happened to see yesterday, because it’s now being used for favorite books.

The idea is simple - take any box and decorate it. Not only is it something useful, but the kids have something to do for the afternoon. This craft would also be great as something to do after Christmas while the kids are on their winter break from school. We use them for toy collections, books, and other odd toys that can’t just be sitting on the floor. You can make your boxes any shape or size to fit your needs. It’s also a great way to use a lot of those boxes you have left over from presents!

Usually we just get the paints out and let them have at it. You can decorate your boxes with any materials you already have, or any you see at craft stores. For an extra step, you can even make a box for something specific. For example, if you are storing My Little Ponies in your box, then you can cut out pieces of a box the ponies came in and glue them to the side of your homemade box (I actually did this when I was a kid with the old MLP!)

The possibilities are really endless, and you can spend an entire afternoon doing this. The best part is you are getting your kids to organize their toys!

Nov 19

This section we actually planned at least a year or two ago, but never found the time. Well finally it’s up and you can go check it out!

You can find several ideas for kids rooms, including decorating ideas, bedding suggestions, crafts for kids rooms, theme ideas, and more. This section will hopefully be growing a little more in the near future (as in less than a year this time!), and we will be accepting new suggestions for it as well.

So if you have an idea for kids rooms, please be sure to submit them!