Mar 31

April Fool’s Day is my favorite holiday next to Halloween, mostly because I get to torment my kids freely without any backlash. I’ve had several fun pranks on this day, but I’m always looking for more.

Here’s a few successful pranks of the past:

- Tape down the sink sprayer
If you have a sprayer on your sink that only turns on when you turn on the water, then put a piece of clear tape around the handle. Last year I asked my son to water the plants for me after school, and he fell for it! The look on his face was classic, and one I’ll never forget.

- I’m moving
This one was played on a friend one year, who knew I’d never leave the area. Play this one on family members near by to freak them out a bit. This works especially well on family members.

While this is more business related, you can still pull this on a spouse, friends, or family. One year Anita from Mommy’s Helper and I hatched a scheme to tell everyone on her message boards that we had sold her site and one of mine as a package deal (for some ungodly amount of money, of course). It worked! For those of you without this kind of set up, you can always tell a spouse/family member you sold the car an/or house for some large sum of money.

- Inside-out Clothes
This prank has stuck in my head since I was no more than about 5 or 6 years old. Together with my aunt, we turned all my dad’s blue jeans inside out. This is a great prank to pull on slightly older children who don’t need your help picking out wardrobe. This would have to be done at night after they are in bed, or early in the morning before they get up. That way while they are getting dressed for school the prank hits them. ;-)

- April Fool’s Dinner
A few years back I came across this excellent idea for a perfect April Fools Day dinner. It LOOKS like a cake, but really it’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes “frosting”. You make the meatloaf in the shape of a cake, then “frost” it with the mashed potatoes. The kids think they are getting a real treat for dinner!

That’s it for my list of harmless April Fools Day pranks - now let’s hear yours!

Apr 1

Here it is, April Fool’s day, and I thought it would be fun to share your past pranks. It slipped up on me this year and I really didn’t have time to think up any good ones. Besides, I’m just not a good liar. People usually see right through me. Hehe.

In the past there’s been some good ones. When I was a kid, I helped my aunt turn all my dad’s pants inside out. That was loads of fun at 5 years old! I’ve also put tape around the water sprayer on the kitchen sink, then asked for a glass of water (that way when they turned it on, it sprayed them). Then of course there’s the classic ones of “I’m pregnant” that no one seems to find funny. Ha!

What have you pulled in the past? How did they react?

Mar 26

No matter how crazy they make us sometimes, kids say some pretty darn cute things. Mispronounced words, taking a figure of speech as literal, or just really cute remarks can make our day.

Here’s a two things my 5yr old has said recently that made me giggle (at least when they weren’t looking anyway!)

“My friend is toast intolerant, she can’t have real ice cream”

“Mom! He called me a sofa pig!”
(A what? Oh selfish pig…..still trying to figure out where her brother learned that one)

When told that my hands were tied, her response….
“REALLY? Let me see!”

What have your kids said recently that made you laugh? I’d love to hear some more!