Sep 9

Several months ago when we got our Wii, a section on Idea Queen was added to the site specifically for Wii game reviews. Now these were not just any kind of reviews, but rather ones with a focus on games best for families.

There’s a total of 9 games listed there now, and a few more I COULD add that we have. However, I’m curious if this is something readers and visitors are even interested in. Should I add more? Or leave it like it is?

Also while we are on the topic of adding things, what else would you like to see on Idea Queen?

Jan 8

My daughter loves to watch Food Network. Actually, she just loves food in general. At six, she’s informed me she wants to be a chef when she grows up, that is, if her pop star career doesn’t take off. He he.

I’ve been mulling this idea over for awhile, thinking I’d love to give her a head start on this career. It worries me a bit, since living in the middle of nowhere it’s not like we have a whole lot of opportunities for gourmet cooking. The closest we have to a fancy restaurant is Applebees and Red Lobster. Still, I think she might go far if given some encouragement.

I was poking around the other day, and came across a website called, which focuses on cooking with kids. They have videos and recipes, as well as fun things to make that encourages healthy eating. This is pretty important to us, since she is a little overweight (like I said, she loves food!).

I’m going to spend a little more time looking around the site, but I think this will be one site we visit often. I’ll be getting her more involved in the kitchen when I cook, in hopes that some day she’ll be a famous chef. Even if this career choice doesn’t hold until adulthood, cooking is still a great skill for anyone to have, and one very cheap, very useful hobby!

Oct 31

Do you have a baby from newborn to three? If so, this parenting video contest from The Baby Formula is for you. Those expecting are welcome to join, too!

The Baby Formula is seeking how-to video on babies, with a grand prize of $1000. The instructional videos can be about anything, just as long as they are related to parenting babies up to three years old. Entries should be in an instructional format and 6-20 minutes in length. You can see current videos here: Children & Parenting videos.

The deadline to upload a video is November 17th, and winners will be announced on December 2nd. Prizes include a $1000 Grand Prize and a $500 People’s Choice Award. All the videos are free to view on the site during the contest for voting purposes. Users can vote once per week until November 14th, and then daily until November 28th.

While my kids are too old for me to enter, I figured I would pass this opportunity on so that someone else could win some serious Christmas shopping cash. ;)

Good luck!

Jun 5

The other day while writing an article about how serious bullying really is I came across a wonderful site for kids and adults.

The site is called “Stop Bullying Now!” and it gives tips, information, and resources for kids who are bullied (or do the bullying), kids who witness it, and also for adults (parents, teachers, and other adults involved with kids).

What I like the most about this site is how it emphasizes the seriousness of bullying, and how to handle the situation with your kids. Since bullying is something we were dealing with at school before we went on summer vacation, I found that section extremely helpful.

There are some good notes on how to push the school to get it stopped, but unfortunately our school isn’t taking it so seriously and I felt like we were in an uphill battle. I’ve been told over and over again the bully that’s been picking on my child “does it to everyone”, and they don’t really see it as a problem. I disagree, since I believe it was one the main causes for my son’s recent diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder, who already had mild behavior problems.

Anyway, I do recommend checking out this site if you are a parent, even if you don’t think your child is dealing with a bully. It’s a very serious issue that can lead to long term problems later in life, so it’s best to catch it as early as possible.

Feb 15

For the last few weeks, I’ve been stuck on the groups at Cafe Mom. Looking through all the groups, it’s amazing to see how many different diverse groups there really are. It’s also nice to see people with the same priorities as us moms with similar interests. Personally I feel like I’m now “allowed” to have my own personal interests aside from my normal mommy duties.

There’s two groups in particular that I’d like to share. One of them is actually mine, and the other I just like to poke around in. Before checking out these specific groups, be sure to first join

Help with Dreams & Dream Meanings

Since dreams are a personal interest of mine, I started this group. I have a pretty strong belief in the fact we are the only one who can fully understand and find the meaning in our dreams. However, just getting it out in the open sometimes can help us figuring it out a little more. This group is open to anyone just as long as all members and their dreams are respected. No religious affiliation is attached to this group.

Details on the group at:

Sewing Moms!

A fun group where moms can get advice and projects on sewing, plus show off their latest creations. I love this group, and have seen a LOT of great ideas and tips. (And you know how much we love ideas and tips!). For the sewing mamas, this is a must-see group!

Details on the group at:

These are just two small groups at Cafe Mom, and there are MANY more to check out. I absolutely love this place, so really it’s worth signing up even if you aren’t interested in the two above. Do be sure to go join right now!

Oct 29

Over the weekend I picked up an ebook I’ve been meaning to read for months. No time like the present, since my oldest boy is having some problems with allergies, ear aches, and the like.

I’m not one that rushes my kids to the doctors with the sign of any little cough, and we have all done fine for several years. In fact, the current problems with my oldest stem from his dad rushing him to the ER instead of heeding my advice on how to control his ear infections with garlic oil. But I digress….

I finally got a chance to read this ebook, and it was fantastic! It’s absolutely jammed pack full of information on how to cut out the medications and start taking control of your own health. It focuses more on preventative measures than cures, which to me is more important. I don’t want to just know how to get rid of the ailment, but rather prevent it from happening all together.

Now much of the information I already knew, but that’s only because I’ve studied natural health since my first child was born. I guess you could even say my interest started long before that even, because my mom has had a water distiller since the mid-90s. Either way, this ebook is for sure with a read.  Did I mention it was free?

You can pick up your free healthy living ebook at Eve’s Best.

Oct 24

I’m a big fan of handmade items (especially soaps) and other items made right here in the US and Canada. It was time to do some remodeling at another site (our first - Mom’s Market), and we decided it was time to put a focus on product reviews. Some were already on the site, and those will be slowly added back on. Other reviews will be brand new featuring products and services of special interest to moms. You’ll be seeing baby products, scrapbooking items, bath & beauty products, services, and much more.

Because of the new design and set up, you’ll be able to reply to each review giving your 2 cents on the product or service. Extra reviews are always good, right? No “start” system will be in place, but comments to the first review will be welcome. After all, we all tend to base our buying choices on what exactly is being said rather than how many stars it has.

If you have a product to submit, hang tight as we get everything set up again. It was a long and stressful move, but we’re getting there!

Sep 27

We love scrapbooking products. There are just so many different products, kits, and layouts you can use in a scrapbook, it may be hard to chose sometimes on just a handful of supplies.

Which is exactly why I love this blog - ScrappinWAHM’s Journal.  Get the details on the latest products and updates, as well as some very nice discounts on current products. Lauren also puts in her personal touch to the blog by giving you some fun games and other information for those in love with scrapbooking.

If you need scrapbooking ideas, this is a must see blog. Please drop by and say hello, but don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for updates!

Sep 19

Since I’m slowly falling in love with this blog, recommendations are in order. While I may be “super mom” juggling websites, blogs, PTO, and a slew of other child related activities, I am NOT a very good housekeeper. My house has a LOT to be desired. Alright I’ll just say it - it’s a PIT!

Which is why I’m SO glad to have found this blog.  Thou Shalt Clean is not only motivational, but gives you weekly challenges as well. We all need that kick in the rear sometimes, don’t we? Well I know I do anyway.

This week’s challenge just happens to be cleaning the livingroom/family room, which is what I need to tackle immediately.  Our “livingroom” has been a cross between that and a toy room, but more recently turned into part my son’s bedroom.  It’s still part playroom for both kids, but hopefully that will change soon. One step at a time! This week I’ll be focusing on just deep cleaning it, because it’s an absolute mess.

I’ll be following the challenges, and possibly even posting some pictures if I have some awesome “after”pictures to share. Who knows, I might even be inspired to finish painting the walls! For now though, do be sure to drop by this blog and subscribe. I DARE you to take the challenges too!