Halloween Ideas

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Being not so fond of Christmas (personal reasons), I usually go all out for Halloween. Well, as “out” as I get anyway. I’m not too big on decorations for the simple fact I don’t have a lot of space, and have enough clutter as it is.

You may or may not notice tucked away at Idea Queen is a category set up specifically for all the Halloween ideas. There’s actually quite a few there, although I still feel the need to add more. It’s a bit late though, but I still might get some new pages up (I’ve been a webmistress for awhile now, trust me when I say it’s a bit late!).

Now regardless if I want to add more, there’s still quite a bit there. Recipes, crafts, activity ideas…….you name it, it’s probably there. Some of the pages I had actually forgotten about, so it’s been fun looking at them again.  Reminded me of some things I’ve been wanting to do this year.

I’ve made a few posts about Halloween crafts and Halloween recipes, so I won’t go far into that. But some of the other stuff I haven’t mentioned yet.

I’m debating if this year we can finally do haunted houses or not. I haven’t been to one since my kids were born, and I can’t say I don’t miss it. That’s one of my oldest Halloween traditions. I LOVE the haunted houses and hunted forests.  I think my son is ready (he’s 7), but I’m not so sure about my daughter (only 5 next week). It may be we figure out a way to set one up in the house, even though it’s somewhat of a “haunted house” all on its own. I digress though…

While I’m still debating the haunted houses, the pumpkins must be bought soon. While this year we plan to buy a few (I must have my pumpkin seeds, and my daughter has stated we must make pumpkin pie), I’m thinking next year that’s what will be put in our garden. I’m looking at my sad tomato garden right now, and thinking it’s time for a change.

Costumes are still on the list too - although my daughter has already picked hers out. She told me a few weeks ago she wanted to be a mermaid, and sure enough we found one already. Yes I grabbed it, I know better than to wait last minute! For the other munchkin, I’m thinking I’ll let him get creative with the masks and/or makeup. He’s got a heck of an imagination. As for me, well I don’t dress up. I know I love Halloween, but I’d rather just dress up the kids and call it good.

As for decorations, we usually just do pumpkins. Although I did see some black candles up at our local home decor shop. You know the kind without flames? I thought they were neat even though I’m not big on “stuff” around the house. The candles I currently have all over the house have a purpose, and that’s to make the house smell yummy. It’s time to break out the Pumpkin Pie scented ones that’s for sure!

Well I think that’s about it! A few last minute details and we are all set for Halloween. I absolutely LOVE this time of year!

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