New Game: Virtual Villagers 3

First there was Virtual Villagers 1 which was called “A New Home”. I was seriously addicted to it, and LOVED that game. It was challenging, time consuming, and FUN.

When Virtual Villagers 2 (The Lost Children) came out, I was all over it. It proved to be just as fun and challenging as the first. After a week or two I had the game beat, and I needed MORE!

Well that wish was granted, as Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City is out today. I was so super excited, but know I’ll be stuck on this for awhile. This one is even more detailed than the first two with “real” weather, potions to discover, and a whole lot more. In Virtual Villagers 3 you also get to rebuild ruins of a lost city and help your villagers the same way you did before - build houses, gather food, and train them on specific jobs.

I do recommend playing the first two to get the full story of the Virtual Villagers and how they came to be on this new area. If you don’t though, there’s a nice story at the beginning that fills you in.

Happy playing!

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