Summer Vacation Has Started!

Here it is the first week of June, and also the first week of summer vacation for our kids. While I wish I could take a vacation right along with them, being a single work at home mom that’s just not possible. So instead I have to keep on working, and figure out how to keep them occupied at least a few hours each day.

Today we are off to a pretty good start. I explained this morning that while they may be on vacation, mom can’t take one and has to get certain things done. I told them it’s important to let me get work done before we all play. My 5 year old quickly picked up on this, and asked if we could play a game together when I was finished. Perfect!

Luckily we have a nice backyard where they can play in the pool or on the swingset, so that will provide several hours of entertainment as well. Although if you let them play in the hose all day, be careful you don’t run up your water bill. The rule around here is they are allowed 1 hours with the hose on each day and no more. What they do with that hour is up to them. Turning on the hose without permission is automatic punishment around here, since we’ve had one too many sky high water bills from them forgetting to turn it off.

We are also lucky to have neighbor kids all over the place, including classmates directly across the street (a brother and sister, the same ages as my daughter and son - really it couldn’t be more perfect). They too have a kid’s pool to play in, along with tons of toys. Although their parents work all day, so they aren’t going to be home only Fridays and weekends. No big deal though, they’ll still have evenings here and there.

This week we might have to break out the card games and other things in the game closet, since the forecast is talking storms all this week. Our area already has some flooding down by the river, so one summer activity might end up being sandbagging! Luckily our town doesn’t flood, but towns real close to us might be in trouble soon.

For the rainy days, the computer is always a good source of entertainment. The kids still love playing with their Webkinz here and there, but they also like playing other games as well. My daughter likes playing download games and some free sites for preschoolers, while my son prefers game sites for slightly older kids.  Both of them like playing download games I’ve picked up here and there from BigFish.

Still need some activities and crafts? You might want to bookmark both Free Kids Crafts (our sister site) and the Fun Activities for Kids page on Idea Queen for some quick ideas. Kids are usually pretty good about finding things to do, but just in case they need a budge these pages might help!

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