Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

The other day I went begging for additional ideas to be put up under our new Thanksgiving Ideas section. A few have come in already, so I figured it was time to share! Remember if YOU have an idea, you are ALWAYS welcome to drop us a line. All the pages have an easy way to contact us. The more ideas the better is what I always say!

These two ideas are already up on Idea Queen as of today. One is under the Thanksgiving crafts for kids, and the other under Thanksgiving placemats There’s a few other ideas on other Thanksgiving pages, which I’ll be posting over the next few days.

Enough of my rambling, here’s the ideas!

Thankful Tree
April Barney, My Little Monkey Boutique

Small branch (with limbs) from tree in yard
Small Pot
Filling for the pot (craft green foam, branch like pieces)
Construction paper
Paint brushes

Cut about 5 leaves out of the construction paper. On each leaf write one thing you are thankful for. Paint the pot any color you choose. Let it dry. Place the green foam and other material in the pot and then stick your branch into the foam so that it is stable. Hole punch a small hole in each leaf and tie a ribbon or string through it. Hang a leaf on different parts of the branch limbs. You can use the Thankful Tree as a table centerpiece or decoration around the home. Make time to talk about what is written on each leaf and the things you as a family are thankful for.

I am Thankful for…placemats
Lexi M. Heart of Texas

When my son was younger, we made fall placemats using a large sheet of contruction paper (about 11×15″) and lots of die-cut shapes, stickers and glitter! We picked out stuff that he was “thankful” for - some included: a heart for those who loved him, a teddy bear for his favorite toy, leaves for the beautiful world around him, and (as my son was 2 at the time)…a pawprint for Blue’s Clues.

At the top, I wrote, “I Am Thankful For…” and underneath, my son glued down all the shapes. I wrote by each of them, what he was thankful for, in his words. At the bottom of the page, I wrote his name and “Thanksgiving” and the year. We laminated it, and voila! My son had his own special placemat for thanksgiving. We ended up making enough for the whole family. After thanksgiving, we hung his placemat on the wall with all of his other artwork.

You could also use die-cut letters and spell out each person’s name on separate sheets and then decorate with die-cut turkeys, fall leaves, pumpkins, seasonal stickers, or even draw your own free hand designs! Laminate the finished pieces and set the table with your personalized placemats! This can be done with both young children and older ones learning to write on their own.

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