This is part five of our Gardening Ideas Series, which is all about finding bulbs for your flower garden. To see all the past ideas, be sure to see our Gardening Section.

Perennials are probably my favorite types of flowers, since they require little to no effort on my part and can fill in anywhere in your flower garden.

While some flower seeds are classified as perennials due to their ability to reseed themselves, your best bet for a beautiful flower is to buy bulbs (or get starts from friends and neighbors, of course).

There are simply too many different types for us to list here, so I recommend heading over to Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. to see what they have available. Walmart is another option, although there’s a good chance they wouldn’t grow. Best to stick to trusted sources or live plants in your area.

Around my yard I’ve let the tiger lilies take over for the most part, but we’ve also added Iris and will be adding Bleeding hearts (which is more of a plant than a flower, but I did get a start of it like you would a flower bulb). Aside from those, I also like to plant some annuals around so my flower garden is never the same two years in a row. ;)

I’ll be replacing the tiger lily slowly with other plants, and there’s no shortage of them online. Nature Hills currently has over 300 varieties to choose from, so you are sure to find flower bulbs to plant in your yard! I’ll be hitting this site up soon when I’m ready to add more.