This is part one of our Gardening Ideas Series, and will talk mostly about flower seeds. As in where to buy flower seeds online, and when to plant, and what we plan to add to our garden this year.

I love flowers. One of my fondest childhood memories was taking a walk through the greenhouse next door to my dad’s. I also loved the smell of the walk-in cooler with the carnations, baby’s breath, roses, and assorted flowers. It’s no wonder I have flowers growing all over my small yard.

In addition to the perennials that come up every year (which I’ll talk about in the flower bulb installment of our series), I’m planning to plant the following annuals and perennials this year:

- Four O’Clocks
While these are suppose to be in full sun, last year I planted them around my tree. They were absolutely beautiful, and I plan to do it again this year. The beauty of these plants is you can easily pluck the seeds from the plants. They aren’t hard to see - just look for a black seed around a blooming stem. Really the seeds stick out and are easy to spot. Plus one plant will produce tons of seeds, ensuring you an endless stock of these plants. You can even give some away to friends and family. ;-)

These flowers I’ll be planting directly into the ground after the risk of frost has passed, usually in late April or early May. They grow pretty quickly and spread out very well, making them a nice filler for under a tree.

- Canterbury Bells, Sweet William, and Delphinium
This may seem like a slightly odd combination of flowers, but it’s what I found in my stock. Not sure where they all came from, but I sure to like the looks of them. I’m not sure where I’m going to plant them all just yet, but they will for sure all get a home in my wrap-around-the-house flower bed.

What I plan to do with these is get several mini pots or containers for multiple flowers and start them ahead of time (usually we plant our seeds inside over spring break or in late March, giving them 6-8 weeks before planting them outside). The main reason I plan to start them inside is this - I want to see what each of them look like before I plant them around the house. All three are labeled as perennials because of their ability to reseed themselves, so I need to make sure I’m going to like them first before being stuck with them. Although I have planted Sweet William in the past, and they make for a nice “filler” on the floor of a garden.

- Morning Glory
I don’t know why, but this is my absolute favorite flower. Some call it a weed, and it does reseed itself sometimes. I have also yet to find a perfect place to grow it in my yard. The plant is really a vine and needs somewhere to climb.

A few years ago I tried growing them in the middle of the backyard (yes the MIDDLE. As in nothing else around it….I did this because there was a bare spot from where a sandbox had been the previous summer), but it just didn’t look right. Last year I tried the fence, but quickly realized that wasn’t very neighborly of me because the people behind me (who actually own the fence), may not care for them.

This year I’m going to break down and buy (or make) something for them to grow up on. Like a trellis or something similar homemade. Then where I put it won’t matter, because it will look beautiful about anywhere. Truth be told I really want an arch, but that’s not in the budget this year. However, a homemade trellis that the kids make from popsickle sticks might just do the trick…and make for a fun project as well.

These seeds will get planted directly in the ground come May when the threat of frost is past.


Well that’s about it for the flower seeds we plan to plant indoors within the next few weeks and come May. As mentioned before, we’ll plant the ones inside in small pots around spring break, which starts the second to last week in March. Not only does it give us something to do while the kids are out of school, but it gets us in the mood for spring and our garden started as well!

If you are looking for more seeds to buy or are curious about other flower seeds, be sure to have a look at the flower seeds at Nature Hills Nursery. They’ve got a fantastic selection, good prices, and detailed descriptions of each so you know what to do with them before you buy them.

Have fun!