This is part six of our Gardening Ideas Series, which talks about where to find vegetable plants online and offline. See the rest of the series in our Gardening section.

While I personally buy my vegetable plants in local greenhouses, I know not everyone has that option. Which is why Nature Hills is a great place to look when buying vegetable plants online. Click the banner above for more information on their selection, including organic plants of all kinds.

This year we plan to plant our three favorite vegetable plants. We didn’t start them inside because it’s just easier to buy them, and we know they’ll grow well if we do. Here are those three:

- Tomatoes, Better Boys
Easy to grow just about anywhere, although it’s been our experience that a new garden freshly dug up will product the absolute best crops. The first year we planted tomatoes, we had hundreds (no joke!). This particular kind are our favorites, and perfect for salsa.

- Green Bell Peppers
Also great for salsa, thus the reason we buy them every year. In the past we’ve used them for other cooking as well. Sometimes peppers can be quite fickle though, and not every year is a good year. Keep a close eye on them as they are growing and keep them free of weeds.

- Jalapeno
Nothing fancy or extremely hot, just a regular Jalapeno (sometimes reffered to as “Early Jalapeno”). These are the best for salsa if you don’t use too many. It can also be a finicky plant, so keep it free of weeds and bugs. Also watch you don’t mow over it. Yes, I did that to a plant one year. Oops.
As mentioned previously in the series, we are keeping the tomatoes separate from the peppers on either ends of the “old part” of the garden. The tomatoes need a whole lot more room than the pepper plants do, and those pepper plants won’t get to big at all. You also need to make sure these get full sun and no shade from those tomato plants (or anything else for that matter).

For more vegetable plant ideas, be sure to visit Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.