Gardening Ideas Series – Vegetable Seeds

This is part two of our Gardening Ideas Series, which will talk mostly about vegetable seeds and where to buy them. You can see part one here.

Our garden wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have some type of veggies planted. In past years we’ve taken the easy route and purchased most of our plants, but lately we’ve begun to start quite a few indoors.

While we do plan to buy several plants this year, there are a few we’ll be starting in pots come spring break. Here’s what we plant to start in pots:

- Strawberries
We’ve actually already started these, since I found some cute mini kits at Target around Valentine’s day. Although I have my doubts they are going to grow right (due to an accident involving cats and tiny little pots), so I may just buy some more seeds and try again. The tricky thing with the strawberries though is they are so tiny! It’s about impossible to sow them!

Once they are ready for transplant, I’ll be putting them on the edge of the garden in a row coming out from the back (sideways, if you will), which is the center of our backyard and gets the most sun.

- Pie Pumpkin
We tried this last year with not so great luck, but after some research I’ve zeroed in on the problem. What we had was “Squash Bugs”, which attach pumpkins, cucumbers, and squash. One of the tips was to not only start your plans indoors (which is what we did last year, thus the reason we did at least get ONE pumpkin), but to plant other flower seeds with it.

So to add to our list of flower seeds in our garden, we’ll be planting alyssum, zinnia, daisy, and nasturtium (as well with some herbs) to attract tachnid flys, which are a natural enemy of the squash bug. It will be rather different this year with a garden lined all the way around with various flowers and herbs. I’m actually excited to see how it’s going to look! All these flower seed will get planted directly in the ground somewhere in late April or early May. Calendula will be started with the rest of our flowers in the next few days (over spring break) and transplanted outside in May.

To take yet a further step, we’re planting the pumpkins in a different place than we did last year. Our garden is basically a long strip, probably 12 feet by 4 feet, that lines the back fence. Off to one side is an unused area that I’ll be expanding the garden to and planting the pumpkins at. (So now it will be more like 15 feet instead of 12 feet). In the “old” garden is where the tomato plants will go, and in between the old and new right on the edge is where the strawberries will go.

The pumpkin seeds we’ll start over spring break just as we normally, but we don’t plan to transplant them until after the first of June. We want a nice, healthy plant, and we picked up a tip that says this might help miss the first infestation of squash bugs, thus giving our pumpkins a fighting chance. Boards will also go around the plants so the bugs will crawl under them at night and we can squish them in the morning.

Aside from the two mentioned above we plan to start inside, we’ll be planting two other types of veggies in to the garden this year. One is tomato plants (big boys are our favorites) and green peppers (probably both green bell peppers and jalapenos) which will be purchased and planted directly in the ground. We could grow these from seeds as well, but tomatoes and peppers can be quite picky, so we prefer to buy them.

For more seeds and ideas for what to plant in your garden, be sure to check out Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

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