At the risk of being just like the stores who pull out the holiday stuff 2 months before it’s even here, I do believe it’s time to at least start thinking about Halloween costumes. Especially if you plan to make them yourself!

This year my son wants to be a ninja. Not too hard at all, and I doubt we’ll have any trouble putting that together. I refuse to pay up to $20 for a costume as simple as that, so yes we WILL be doing it ourselves. Plus I’m sure the boy and I can make a sword together, which will be fun.

The girl is still undecided. She threw out “Hannah Montana”, although I think I’ve got her talked out of it. Sure it’s her favorite, but did you see how many little Mileys there were running the streets last year? Maybe it’s not my place to dictate what she goes as, but the “WOW AWESOME COSTUME!” factor from the other kids is something I’m thinking about. Last year she was a dead bride (my personal favorite of her’s thusfar), and this year I think we can figure out something just as good. Maybe something a little more traditional such as a witch or ghost, but that we can add a bit of flare too.

What are your kids going as this year? What did they do last year that was super cute? It’s about that time to start gathering supplies, so let’s hear it!