I was at Walmart the other day, walking past the Halloween fabric yet again, thinking how absolutely adorable it was and how badly I wanted a project to use it for. Actually, it wasn’t even really that Halloween specific, but was black with little crescent moons and stars in a yellowish-orange, but it was CUTE.

Then, it hit me. Halloween candy bags.

By the time I actually bought the fabric, it had been marked down to $2/yd.  SCORE!  So I bought it, and am planning to make the bags.

I hunted for awhile for a good tote bag tutorial, but didn’t see one I really liked. I suppose, if you sew, then making a tote isn’t that big of a deal. All you need is 4 sides and a handle, then sew it all together. The size is going to depend on how much candy your kid rakes in, so really I guess you don’t need one.

Point is, if you had  your eye on Halloween fabric and didn’t know what to make, now you do. Just make a tote to hold all that candy! ;-)