While Black Friday and Cyber Monday has come and gone (my apologies for not posting some fun deals sooner), there’s still great deals to be had out there. All you got to do is look for them. Today I’ll be going over my favorite places to shop for Christmas presents for mostly the kids.

Target is by far one of my favorite places to shop, but they aren’t always the cheapest depending on what your looking for. When it comes to everyday items, most of their prices are hard to beat (if you’ve never visited your local store’s discount rack for clothes, do this now. I can’t tell you how many awesome deals we’ve found here!). However, if your looking for popular toys and games, might be best to check Amazon.

If you figure the cost of shipping sometimes is about the same as tax locally, your most the time going to get a better deal here. Especially on those harder to find items that sell out fast locally. My mother was on a hunt for Snuggies for the kids, and could only find the ones for girls at our local Target. A quick search on Amazon produced a blue Kids Snuggie Blanket for an extremely reasonable price. No driving all over the place hunting for one, no standing in line, and the cost was basically the same.

Ebay is another one of my favorite places to shop this time of year, as you can sometimes find random stocking stuffers and other fun items you might not find elsewhere. As much as I love Amazon and Target, Ebay is for sure the place to look for books and DVDs. Last year and this year both I was able to get Goosebump DVDs and some interesting books for each kid. Be careful with Ebay though - it’s easy to get caught up in an auction and pay extremely too much for items you can easily find for MUCH cheaper elsewhere. I see this mostly with video games and systems, with people paying sometimes double the price. If the item is an extremely popular one (such as the Wii and its games), do NOT go to eBay. Not around Christmas anyway.

If you haven’t hit your local Dollar Store, what are you waiting for? These places are PERFECT for stocking stuffers and smaller items. You can also find supplies for making your own gifts (like gift baskets). I tend to only shop at the “everything’s a dollar” stores verses the ones that price items accordingly. Sure some of the stuff may not be the best quality, but your only spending a dollar.

So there ya have it - Target, Amazon, eBay, and Dollar Store. You might also want to check places like Kmart, Walgreens, and - dare I say it - Walmart for the best deals on popular items. Today I’m off to hunt for a specific toy on the boy’s wish list that I’m hoping to find at Kmart at the best price (online Kmart has this toy sold out, but I have high hopes it’s in the local store. If not, I’ll check Target and try out their “Price matching” policy for other store ads since Target has it about $15 higher on their site. More on this specific toy later).

Happy Shopping!

P.S. If you have a few adults on your Christmas list, you might also want to check out our sister site, Prairie Soy Candles!