Sewing Halloween Costumes

Yes, we are getting close to that time of year again! I couldn’t be more excited, since it’s my favorite holiday. Halloween is coming soon! Hurray!

This year, my daughter tells me she wants to be a “dead bride”, which she came up with on her own (she’ll be 6 in a few weeks). I am so very proud. *sniff*

Now I could go out and look for a costume, but why do that when I can just make it? For the last week or two, I’ve been working on the dress and snagging the accessories when I see them.

The pattern for the dress - Simplicity 5645, in case you want it - was a little more expensive than I wanted it to be ($5.97, although it was still cheaper than the ‘real’ costume patterns), but that’s alright, because we decided to make more dresses with the same pattern.

To go with the dress, we picked up white gloves for a buck, cob webs as a veil for 75 cents, and white face paint with fake blood (I forgot how much those were, but I’m sure it wasn’t much). The fabric for the dress was cheap, costing us only $1.50 for 2 yards. Would I use this fabric for anything else? Probably not, but it’s perfect for a costume (real flimsy, almost sheer, white fabric with a glitter glue design of flowers - yeah, costume is all it is good for).

In all, we’ve spent less than $15 for her complete costume, with the bulk of the cost in the patter which will be used again.

Now we just have to figure out how to make a zombie out of the other kid, and we are good to go.  *GRIN*

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