Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

And by “for kids”, we mean “to give to kids”. Sure you could get by with just a small box of chocolate (I do not foresee this being a problem with the boy), but where’s the fun in that? I know it’s more of a “couple’s holiday”, but for us single people we got to share the love somewhere.

Gifts for kids don’t have to be expensive. As mentioned you could go with a small box of candy or some other small item. My daughter’s handmade soap is an excellent option, especially since she’s been going nuts with her heart mold. (See her Etsy shop here for gift ideas)

What have you given your kids in the past? What do you have planned for this year? Let’s share some ideas!

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  1. Niche Topics Says:

    I think my son will love the green fish soap made by Jillian :)

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