Tidy Tuesday: Box Up Toys

Are your kids spoiled like mine are? If so, you probably have toys scattered EVERYWHERE.  Well this week I’m going to do something about it.

Since we are still remodeling, I’ve got to get the kids rooms completely empty very soon (yes they are STILL in my room, but hopefully almost done).  We’ve been collecting boxes from family members so that all toys can find a home. If we have time (and the energy), we’ll also do some sorting, putting all similar toys in the same box (we already do this with several things - my daughter’s Littlest Pet Shop, my son’s cars, and a few other things).

In addition to boxing everything up (stuffed animals included), we’ll be throwing some things away or giving them away. Seriously we have just way too much stuff and it’s time to downsize a bit. Even clean my daughter only has a path to her bed, so it’s really time to get rid of some toys and really organize.

Should be a fun week, but it’s a perfect job to do while the kids are out of school!

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