Tidy Tuesday Challenge - Bills and Finances

You may have noticed that we didn’t have our “Monday Organization” yesterday. Mostly because I didn’t get my challenge done, but also because I realized that Mondays just aren’t good for cleaning. Not only do we now have regular appointments on Mondays, but that’s dance night too. Time is very limited and I never really have time to get any major housework done. As a result it gets pushed to the end of the week, or completely forgotten (yes I actually FORGOT last week!).

So instead I’ve decided to move it to Tuesday, and name it “Tidy Tuesday”, where we’ll pick small ideas for tidying up your home and life. This week I thought it would be nice to take a break from the housework side and focus on an area that needs attention too - the bills.
Now for this challenge you don’t want to just make sure all your bills are paid (or plans on how to pay them and when), but go an extra step to organize yourself a bit better. Find a place for your bills like a small box, or something that holds paper. If you are like me and pay almost all your bills online, you might want to set a schedule for yourself for reminders on when you need to pay. I use Yahoo Calendar to set up reminders for other things, so I’ll be putting my bills up there today.

Something else you may need to do here is set yourself up a budget and do a little planning. That’s one of those things we all say we “need” to do, but never get around to it. So there you go, there’s the kick in the rear you were asking for.

So today get working on organizing your finances, and we’ll get back to the house next week. Have fun!

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