I’m a day late, I know, but yesterday was a bit hectic. But today I’m ready to jump into some major housework and a brand new challenge for the week.

For some reason my laundry room has been a mess since I moved in. If I’m not behind on doing laundry, I’m behind on putting it away. And if all our normal clothes are put away, there’s always something stacked in the laundry room that needs attention. I’m sure I’m not alone here, so this week’s challenge is focused on the laundry room.

Right now I need to get a lot of things put away, and also get the out-grown pile in bags. What kind of work does your laundry room need? Do you need to put away clothes, get caught up on laundry, or do something as simple as mop the floor? Post it here if you are joining in our weekly challenge!