Tidy Tuesday Challenge - Main Room Cleaning

Since we’ve got family and friends visiting this weekend, I figured this week is a good week to clean up the main room of the house. In our house the “main room” is our living room, dining room, and where the computers sit.

In your house it might just be the living room, or it may be something different. The goal here is to clean up whatever it room your guests see the most, and the room you spend the most time in.

If you are good about cleaning up your house, this might not be a big job. However, I bet there are still areas  that need improvement. How do the windows look? The walls? How about behind desks, under tables, and in drawers?

Our room happens to be a complete and utter mess right now so I doubt we’ll get to those fine details. But if you are in need of a challenge this week, go for the small spaces and tasks you don’t usually do every day.

Have fun!

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2 Responses to “Tidy Tuesday Challenge - Main Room Cleaning”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Great idea. Good luck with your cleaning. I know my house needs a lot of work right now too and the yard too.

  2. Idea Queen Says:

    Ohhhh the yard. That’s a whole topic on it’s own. Mine isn’t in too bad of shape since I have this quirkiness about the yard. It MUST be clean. Something about me caring what people see on the outside, even though the inside looks awful. Guess my reasoning is I don’t have to let them inside or if I do, I can shut doors lol.

    So far so good though - it’s looking a lot better in here. My desk is still a disaster area though. =(

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