Tidy Tuesday: Laundry (A Little Late)

Forgive this for being a day late, but we’ll just say “life got in the way” yesterday. Oh what a crazy day it was! I’m sure we all have days like that, right?

Anyway, this week will be dedicated to laundry catch up. I don’t know how it happens as we do laundry almost every day, but it still gets piled up. Regardless, it’s time to dwindle that pile down to nothing. I’m tired of there never being any towels clean!

To get as much as we possibly can done in the next week, we’ll have to do at least two loads every single day. The kids will have to chip in too, putting away their clothes as they come out of the dryer. Mine unfortunately (or maybe not, he he) will have to stay in a pile in the laundry room. I have no use of my closet right now due to construction in my room. Darn. =P

The biggest challenge this week will really be getting the kids to put away their clothes. Since it’s summer, sometimes it’s extremely hard to catch them before they are out the door. We’ve been putting away clothes in the morning before they can go out and play, but sometimes friends are knocking on the door before I’m even out of bed. In fact, just a few minutes ago I had to send a kid home so mine can do their morning chores.

Since  both are now in the house, it’s time to get to work. Wish us luck and join in!

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