Tidy Tuesday - Laundry Take Two

Last week I probably should have picked something a little shorter and easier for a weekly challenge. Not only was I late getting started because last Tuesday was so hectic, but we had a holiday weekend in there too.

I’m sure there were quite a few of you who had a busy week or weekend too, so we’ll give this another shot. This week’s tidy Tuesday challenge is to get caught up on your laundry. I won’t hold it against you if you leave a few half a load or so in the laundry basket, but for the most part it should be mostly caught up. This means all hampers in the house should be empty (luckily we only have one), and all clothes picked up off the floor.

Since some of us are way behind, I’ll leave the putting away part up to you. Right now I’m going to be the mean mom and make the kids put their clothes away but I won’t be putting away mine (now there’s a good lesson for the kids…..not!). In my defense though, I don’t have a closet right now. They are still working on my room and it’s in pieces.

Here’s to high water bills this month!

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