Tidy Tuesday: Window Washing

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things after a very crazy summer, so I apologize for the lack of posts. But I figured we can jump right back in with Tidy Tuesday to get things rolling.

This week is all about cleaning windows. Now if you are a good housekeeper (which I am NOT, but that’s alright), you probably clean your main windows almost every day. Ones like sliding glass doors, livingroom windows, etc. The windows which get fingerprints on them seconds after you walk away.

So for those of you who keep up with the daily stuff, your challenge this week is to clean up those windows you don’t see as often. This could be windows in a spare bedroom, windows you need a chair to see out of, ones hidden by curtains most the time, and so on. For the rest of us, the challenge is getting ALL the windows done, including the high traffic areas.

–>Side Tip: Use newspaper instead of paper towels to avoid streaks<—-

Feel free to leave a comment to brag about getting all your windows done this week!

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    But what about a tip for not having streaks?


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