Decorating the Kids Rooms

It’s a miracle. My 5 yr old daughter cleaned her room without even being asked to. Although I suspect it has something to do with the fact I just got her a new shelf for her toys, but I had told her it’s not going in there until the room as clean.

I’m actually pretty proud of these shelves, since they cost me a whole $3 at a consignment shop. You just can NOT beat that price, and it was something we really needed. Big toy bins only go so far when you are trying to organize a room. Needless to say we are excited to get it in her room.

This is just one step in a very long road to decorate each of the kids rooms. Up until now their rooms have been just a place to “keep their stuff”, but we are in the process of turning each room into “their personal space”. This is a HUGE challenge to say the least.

During the transformations, I’ll be referencing several pages already up on Idea Queen. The section featuring kids room ideas holds many of the ideas already floating around in my head. Plus of course, I’ll be searching for specific products at Your Kids Direct.

I’d love to hear any personal stories or ideas you’ve used for your kids rooms!

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