Nintendo Wii Madness

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more I’m dumbfounded with the prices of Nintendo Wii’s. Even on eBay, they are selling for no less than $300. I scanned the internet last night and found no great deals from trusted companies.

But I have to ask - did anyone even LOOK offline? Yesterday I just happened to hit both Walmart and Target, seeing that Target still had quite a few of them in stock at their “normal” price of $250 even though Walmart was sold out (it’s a small town Walmart, I wasn’t surprised). Our local GameStop had them last week as well, from $250 and UNDER.

So why is everyone spending so much on these “toys”? Have we become a nation so driven to give our kids whatever they want that we are willing to spend ungodly amounts of money to please them? To me this is absolutely insane. It’s a TOY, no matter how cool it is.

Yes, I want one, but I’m not about to pay twice as much for it just so it’s sitting perfectly under our tree come Christmas morning. But that seems to be what half of America is doing, when I’m sure it’s not sold out EVERYWHERE like many stores and eBay sellers are saying. No, that’s completely untrue, since I saw no less than 5 of them at Target just yesterday, and at least three or four at Gamestop last week.

Instead of falling pray to the price gouging on the internet or even paying full price offline, I’ve decided to wait until Christmas is over. I’ll be looking around offline and online after Christmas, possibly scoring a Christmas present someone didn’t want for relatively cheap. If the prices are still horrible, I’ll just wait until my son’s birthday come May.

Really, is a game console THAT important? Not to me it’s not. Instead of buying a Wii, we’ll just concentrate on the GameCube games. Why not? They work with the Wii, and my son is perfectly happy playing his GameCube.

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