The Things Kids Say

No matter how crazy they make us sometimes, kids say some pretty darn cute things. Mispronounced words, taking a figure of speech as literal, or just really cute remarks can make our day.

Here’s a two things my 5yr old has said recently that made me giggle (at least when they weren’t looking anyway!)

“My friend is toast intolerant, she can’t have real ice cream”

“Mom! He called me a sofa pig!”
(A what? Oh selfish pig…..still trying to figure out where her brother learned that one)

When told that my hands were tied, her response….
“REALLY? Let me see!”

What have your kids said recently that made you laugh? I’d love to hear some more!

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3 Responses to “The Things Kids Say”

  1. Tabi Says:

    As a friend, my daughter, is absolutely in love with Kara’s son. So here are some more mutual funny kid things!

    –When we first got together, it was for a pool party for the kids. Upon taking my daughter’s sundress off to reveal her 2 piece suit, her son bursts out with “Wow, you look GOOD without your clothes on!” Sorry, there was uproarious laughter…no looking away on that one.

    –How about, she has two boyfriends…and me!? Oh she is so dumped.

    –Or “I’m gonna kiss him on the cheek because I know he’ll faint. He just likes me so much.”

    There are so many more but what a fun post!

  2. Kyra Says:

    My niece Sabi has said some really funny things but the two that come to mind regularly are these:

    When we would talk about things she’d done to other people we would always use the phrase “You know whoie” and one day she interupted and said, “No I don’t know whoie… Who’s whoie?” which of course was too adorable.

    Another time we were going to Wal-Mart and we said we were going to go to Wally World and she got super excited and wanted to come to. We thought maybe she’d seen an ad for a new toy or something. When we got there she got so upset she said, “This isn’t Wally World! This is Wal-Mart!” and we all started laughing because we thought she knew where we were going but she seemed to think Wally World was a theme park. I’m sure there are a lot more stories but these are the two that stick out the most.

  3. Idea Queen Says:

    Those are pretty cute! Thanks for sharing!

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