Cool Kids Birthday Cakes

A few weeks ago I was shopping at our local grocery store and saw these absolutely adorable cakes for sale. I mean really cool kids birthday cakes that got me thinking about my son’s birthday which is coming up in May. Since he doesn’t really need anything and has more toys than he EVER plays with, I thought about making the cake the main “gift”. Sounds cheap I know, but really I think he’s going to like a really cool cake more than anything.

The price on those cakes at the store were $45. I’m sorry I just can’t justify that cost for a cake when money is tight. Then I saw an article in a parenting magazine that gave instructions on how to MAKE those really cool kids birthday cakes. Awesome! I can do this!

So I went on a hunt the other day for the perfect cake. I’ve got a pretty picky kid who’s interests vary from day to day. I’m sure he would have thought anything was cool, but I was still being selective. There just had to be instructions for an easy to make cake that he would LOVE.

Well I found it. Since he just took a trip with his dad out of state and flew on an airplane, when I spotted this cake I knew it was perfect. It looks cool, and is super easy to do. I’m actually going to change the plans just a bit and use three 9×13 cakes cut in half long ways. Looking at the template you can see how that’s probably going to work out pretty well. Plus I’ll have 3 halves left over for a “regular” cake. See, my son originally said he wanted a strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cake similar to the neapolitan ice cream, so that’s what I’m going to do with the other parts of the cake not used for the airplane.

Family Fun had some really cool kids birthday cakes too, and I almost went for one of those. Had it not been for the plane ride my son just went on I probably would have gone with one from that site.  That’s where I’ll be going for my daughters cake for her birthday in October.

I’ll be working all next weekend on this cake and will be sure to let you know how it turns out. I’d love to see some other cool cakes you’ve made in the past!

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