Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

I actually have a few different ways to make chicken fried rice, and last night was my “short cut” version. Usually I make fried rice when I have leftover meat (like chicken or pork chops), but I saw already cut pieces of chicken at the store the other day. MUCH easier. I’m not above doing things from scratch, but this looked way too easy.

Below are two different chicken fried rice recipes. Either one can use chicken in pieces specifically for fried rice or stir fry like I used last night, or you can use leftover chicken. It really doesn’t matter.

Shortcut Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

- Half pound chicken, cut into strips
- Box of Chicken Fried Rice (Rice-a-roni or other brands)

Fry up your chicken and set aside. Cook rice according to box, adding the chicken just before you let it simmer. Enjoy!

Homemade Chicken Fried Rice

- White or Brown rice
- Chicken, cut into strips
- Eggs
- Water
- Chicken Bouillon Cubes
- Salt & Pepper
- Canned Vegetables (corn, peas, carrots, etc)

When making this particular recipe, you end up with egg drop soup to go with it. I’m sure there are easier ways to do this, but it’s the way I’ve always done it. First you make your rice as you normally would and set it aside. Then you boil water in another pot with the chicken bouillon cubes. Break your eggs and drop them into the water. Add salt and pepper to taste.

In another pan, fry up your chicken. When the rice is done, add it to the hot skillet you fried up your chicken in. Very slowly add a bit of the egg drop soup, making sure you get a bit of the eggs in it. Add your veggies and more salt and pepper to taste if need be.

It’s a whole lot more detailed and makes a bigger mess than the original, but it’s a true “from scratch” recipe. If you have a different way you make it, please let us know!

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