Chocolated Covered Everything for Christmas

I was at the store yesterday, trying to decide if I wanted to bake anything this year for Christmas. I really hadn’t planned on it, since my best friend is pregnant and not in the mood to bake. Last year we did the “big plates of assorted goodies”, which was fun with two of us, but I wasn’t about to do it alone.

Then I saw the chocolate almond bark.

Last year I made cookies & cream truffles, my ABSOLUTE favorite. They were somewhat of a pain, but ohhhhh so worth it. Basically you just take Oreos, crush them up, then mix with cream cheese. Roll them into little balls and freeze them, then heat up the chocolate almond bark and dip.

Actually they aren’t that hard to make, it’s just a matter of dealing with the almond bark which can be quite messy.

Now since I had this huge package of chocolate almond bark, I decided I might as well make some more chocolate covered stuff. This would include raisins, pretzels, and whatever else I can get my hands on that might taste good covered in chocolate (I tried dried fruit last year - not my best idea).

If you have any suggestions for what else might be good to dip, I’m all ears!

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