Crockpot Chicken Breast Recipe

The other night I needed something quick and easy for supper. Something that I could make early in the day, and have done by the time we came home from dance class. I figured it was time to pull out the crockpot again. I dug through the freezer and pantry for ideas……and came up with a pretty good solution.

Now I usually don’t even think about supper until at least lunch time. By then it’s usually too late to do a slow cooker meal. Unless you use the high setting that is. ;)

The first thing I did was put frozen chicken, about-to-expire milk (it HAD to be used, so this was a perfect solution to “waste” it), and 3/4 block of cheese in. I did put it on high, because the clock was ticking. I did worry it was going to be done in time, especially with the chicken being frozen. But by 4pm, it was looking pretty good. It had already been in there for about 4 hours, and was cooking very nicely. The chicken was pretty much done, and starting to pull apart very easy. Sweet!

Just before we left to go to dance class, I put in the egg noodles. When you do this, make sure it’s done SLOWLY so you can see how much liquid you have left in the bottom. Those noodles will soak it up fast! I ended up having to add more milk and cheese, because I added too many noodles. I also added alfredo sauce to give it more flavor and liquid texture. I set it to low, and we took off to dance.

By about 6:30pm, it was done. Started at noon on high, added noodles around 4 and set to low, then 2 hours later it was ready to eat. It fit so perfect into our schedule, I know we’ll be using this recipe again. You can tweek it to your liking too, since there’s a lot of room for play.


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