Easy Lunch Ideas

Most of the time lunch is one of those things we don’t give much thought to. We’re more concerned about what’s for supper, and what big meal we’re going to plan. Lunch on the other hand needs to be quick and easy, taking less than 5 mins to do most of the time. Hey we can’t spend all day in the kitchen!

Because I have issues with store bread, I try my hardest to keep basic homemade white bread around at all times. Thankfully this is super easy to do in the bread machine. I call it my “no mess” recipe because it uses all dry ingredients and water, so there’s nothing to clean up (except the pan, but it’s easy to rinse out since I use it all the time).  Since I keep bread around, sandwiches are a snap. I pick up lunch meat just about every time I go to the store.

I also have issues with hot dogs, so I buy polish sausage instead. Yes it’s a little more expensive, but I feel better about my kids eating them.  They make a very quick lunch too, and something even my 5 year old can make by herself (thank goodness for handy buttons on the microwave - ours has a “30 second” button she can hit for quick heating her lunch).

Leftovers also make great lunches, if you happen to have food leftover from the night before. We rarely do, but it’s usually used for lunch if we do.

So there are some basic ideas for quick and easy lunch. There are tons more specifically for school lunches on Idea Queen if you want more ideas. ;)

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