Ideas for Dinner Tonight

It’s a snow day. No where to be, nothing to do. Not even if we wanted to. So we’ve got all day to come up with ideas for dinner tonight.

Luckily I went shopping yesterday, so there’s quite a large selection of meal ideas in my kitchen. We knew the snow storm was coming, and I made sure our food was stocked.

Whenever I’m deciding on what to make for dinner, I always start with a main type of food.  Usually this is a type of meat or pasta. After I know the type, I plan accordingly. This makes it a whole lot easier than digging through cookbooks without a clue, or trying to think up some general recipe.

Right now I’ve got chicken, hamburger, steak, pasta, and a few other meats in the freezer. So really I could make just about anything. Unfortunately nothing sounds appealing at 8am, so I might hold off until noon to decide and pull something out to thaw.

How do you decide what to make for dinner? Do you start with a meat and go from there? Or do you plan ahead of time and buy specific items for a full week or month?

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