Omelet Maker Ideas

For Christmas I got a brand new kitchen toy - and I LOVE toys for the kitchen. An omelet maker! My kids were quite happy to see this, as previous attempts at making omelets were a bit sad. Out of all the things I can make in the kitchen, omelets just aren’t one of them.

But this little toy is just FANTASTIC. We tried it out for the first time last night, scrambling up four eggs and adding a few tasty ingredients (cheese, garlic salt, and cilantro……sounds a bit odd, but it was actually very good). I was just amazed how fast it cooked and how easy it was to slip them right out of the wells.

Now I like omelets alright, but in order to get full use out of this, I’m on the hunt for other ideas. I’m a bit nervous as this is meant for eggs, but I”m sure there are other things we could cook in it. I’m especially interested in using this along side our bread maker, such as with some type of dough mixed with breakfast goodies.

If you have an omelet maker, I’m open to ideas and recipes! For now though, I’ll be playing with different omelet recipes to see what I can come up with. After all, there is a hundred different ways to create an omelet.

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  1. Shawna Says:

    I received one of these in late November, and am about ready to start experimenting with it, too… cool to see that someone else is doing the same.

    We’ve been speculating about quite a few items, but haven’t had the time yet - things with biscuit mix, perhaps potato pancake-type things… we’re actually guessing that perhaps anything we might get away with putting in a waffle maker might work, too…

    that turned into speculation of using square waffles made out of spice cake mix for gingerbread houses…

  2. Sandy Says:

    Do a search for GT Express recipes some has a pdf file of them. I did cinnamon roles - turned out perfect. Today I did “egg mcmuffin” perfect.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Update: here is the recipe link

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