Tasty Onion Bread

Last week I decided to make hot wings as a main dish, and thought onion bread in the bread machine would have made a nice side for it. Unfortunately, as par for the course around here, I was missing just ONE ingredient from every onion bread recipe I could find. Out of three or four, I was either missing onion soup mix, sour cream, or cottage cheese. So when I went to the store you better believe I bought all three!

The recipe I ended up using was the one which used the onion soup mix, because it sounded the easiest and probably was going to be the best. Sure enough it was good, and everyone really enjoyed it. We even had some left overs for the kids to take to school the next day for lunch, and a few bites for me to munch on during the day as well.

This onion bread recipe was a little strange to me, since there was an option of using dry milk. I’ve heard of options in breads before, but not something that would seem like a vital ingredient. I didn’t use it though, because I used milk instead of water. I would think if you are going to use water, then the dry milk would probably be a good thing to add (and actually I used milk MADE from dry milk because I don’t keep milk on hand anymore…I just make what I need on the spot so we aren’t dumping out milk every week or two).

Either way it was a nice “sponge-like” bread that went well with our meal and for snacking. It didn’t have an over powering onion flavor either, so the kids loved it.

Still don’t have a bread machine? *GASP!* You need one. Really. I can’t even begin to tell you how often we use ours. Why, just in the last week or two I’ve made buns for two meals, three loafs of bread, and cinnamon rolls. A few weeks ago I even made jam. So YES they are a WONDERFUL tool to have in the kitchen. I highly recommend the Sunbeam Bread Machine from Amazon. It’s the same one I have just bigger, and the price is awesome. Get it now!

Happy baking!

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