School Lunch Recipes

School has been in for several weeks for most of us, and we may be running out of ideas for school lunch. The main problem is the meals have to be something which don’t need to be hot or cold, and can be left sitting out for half the day.

Lunchables and chips are easy, but the health value is slim to none. My kids don’t really care for those nasty lunch-in-a-box things anyway. They want REAL food because I’ve trained them well! We want to give it to them too, right?

One idea I’ve found to be pretty good is veggie pizza. Not the hot kind either, but rather a cold version using raw veggies and cream cheese instead of pizza sauce. It’s suppose to be an appetizer in normal settings, but if you can get kids to each veggies as a main dish, fantastic! I use cresent rolls for the crust, cream cheese mixed with ranch dressing mix (the powder), and whatever veggies we have on hand.

Sandwhiches are also great, but can get old fast. If you check the healthy school lunch page on Idea Queen, you can find some great sandwich ideas as well as an entire ebook on nothing but sandwiches. (With the ebook you can kill two birds with one stone - ideas for supper AND school lunch!).

I’ll stop right here because most of the ideas are listed on Idea Queen, and hopefully they will be more than enough to get your creativity flowing!

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