No worries, I’m not throwing any recipes on you. Nope, I think we all have enough for the time being. I don’t know where they all came from, but my drawer is absolutely stuffed with various meal ideas (and for some reason, an abundance of dessert recipes I will NEVER make).

That’s why I decided to do something last night that was long over due. I sat down with a small stack, pulling what I thought we might try over the next week or two. But I didn’t stop at just pulling out a few recipes - I wrote down a list of ingredients we would need as well.

See, this is how we get into a rut. When I go to the store, I rarely take a list. Most of our favorite recipes I know by heart, and can remember exactly what I need. For example, if I think “I’ll make pizza sometime this week”, I’ll pick up a few bags of cheese (even though we ALWAYS have some type of cheese on hand), pepperoni, and whatever else trips my trigger (sausage, hamburger, whatever…..based on what I feel like making). The crust I make and the sauce too, usually out of Italian diced tomatoes we always keep on hand as well.

Well, I’m tired of making the same thing. I’m also tired of picking up various meats (like chicken breasts), thinking “I’ll figure out something to make with this”. Not a bad idea, but I always end up making the same thing based on what we always have in the  house. *YAWN*

So that’s why I sat down last night and made a list. What’s funny is, I didn’t have to write down a whole lot of “extra” ingredients, since I already had a lot in my kitchen. But I’m excited to try these new recipes, and possibly share a few we liked!