One of our grocery store chains around here is pretty well known for their nice selection of meats. It’s always fresh, and they do an excellent job with the variety too. So when I’m in need of meat (which I always am, normally I start supper with some form of meat and go from there), I’ll go to this particular store.

The other day after getting the basics (chicken breast, roast, hamburger, hot sausage in various forms, steak, and a few other specialty items), I spotted turkey breasts. You know, like raw. Not sliced into sandwich meat and packaged or even a whole turkey, but just the breasts like you would see chicken. This looked fun to me.

I got to thinking about why we don’t cook with turkey more often. Is it because after Thanksgiving we just don’t want anything to do with it? Or is it because it’s best in lunch meat form? But then again, why are we just limiting ourselves to two very boring recipes? Well, I had to grab what I spotted at the store because I was going to try out something NEW which I’m just sure would be fantastic.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of recipes for turkey breasts out there, and in our massive collection I’ve only gathered a handful thus far. One in particular, though, really looked good to me. Of the small handful of turkey recipes, this happens to be the only one that uses turkey breasts. Lucky for me it sounds good. We haven’t tried it just yet, but you can see it here: Cranberry Apple Turkey Breast