While I’ve been on a major kick trying new recipes out left and right, it’s always nice to fall back to our regular menu as well. I thought I would take a day and post our tried and true favorites that have been posted on the blog over the past few years.

Beef Stroganoff
Always a favorite, even if it’s not the traditional form. Think of it as the Hamburger Helper version, only made from scratch and large enough to actually feed the entire family.

What family doesn’t eat this on a regular basis? Although I think we make it at home MUCH more than we order it. Everyone loves what has been dubbed the “mountain pizza”.

If you are making the meat right, you’ll have a hard time guessing it’s not from your favorite taco joint. In fact, when we actually do go out to a taco restaurant, my oldest orders something like nachos because he knows the best tacos are at home. ;-)

I love steak, so this is one of those at least once a month meals. I hate messing with a grill, so it’s always cooked on the stove with a flat griddle-like pan. Of course, you have to make mashed potatoes with them too.

Hot Wings
I’ve been known, on many occasions, to make a meal out of hot wings.  Actually, what I do is cook up all the chicken and only put the hot sauce on mine. I LOVE hot wings and have no problem making them a main meal!

Cold Veggie Pizza
This use to be something I made all the time, but as the kids have gotten older they’ve started protesting vegetables as a main dish. It’s still something I make from time to time, but has been reduced to a side dish or something that’s made along side another dish such as pasta (my daughter loves veggies and hates pasta, where my son is just the opposite, so this dish works perfect with pasta).

Chicken Fried Rice
Here’s another recipe I use to make A LOT, but haven’t made in awhile. Probably because it’s a whole lot of work putting all the “pieces” together. Plus we haven’t had chicken leftovers in awhile. But I’m thinking it’s  time to make chicken followed by this recipe.

That’s about it for our specific meal ideas, but you can always see more on Idea Queen under “Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas“.