Yesterday I was out shopping and came across the Garfield Chia Pet, so quickly snagged it since I’ve had a heck of a time locating it up until now. My son absolutely LOVES Garfield, but unfortunately there isn’t as much stuff as there use to be. He also loves messing with plants, so this was perfect for him (it’s so hard to buy or make things for an 8 yr old boy!).

Well, now I’ve realized I’m behind two gifts for my daughter. They are at that age that yes, they will count. They will also notice size if one of them happens to have the biggest gift. Luckily I took care of that with two jumbo coloring books that are about as tall as they are.

So anyway, I have to come up with two more gifts for my daughter that are a reasonable size. I have no choice but to finish the quilt that I started. With only a one full week left, I’m really cutting it short. Not to mention I’ve still got to finish a dress for her that’s already on her list. Even with the dress and quilt, I’m still short one gift. *SIGH*

I’ve done a little poking around on the internet for quick quilting tips, but haven’t come up with many. I think I’ll be doing this the same way I did my son’s quilt, simply by putting together all the blocks and then putting the back on. This seems to be the easiest way to sew it and also the fastest. At least the back of the quilt will be easy - my friend gave me a tip years ago to use a twin sheet for the back. Which I do believe I’ll do, but I haven’t decided just yet.

If anyone has any short cuts for a quilt, I’m all ears. Time is running out and FAST!