More Wii Game Reviews?

Several months ago when we got our Wii, a section on Idea Queen was added to the site specifically for Wii game reviews. Now these were not just any kind of reviews, but rather ones with a focus on games best for families.

There’s a total of 9 games listed there now, and a few more I COULD add that we have. However, I’m curious if this is something readers and visitors are even interested in. Should I add more? Or leave it like it is?

Also while we are on the topic of adding things, what else would you like to see on Idea Queen?

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  1. Joy Bellotte Says:

    I really appreciated the list the last time. I used it to buy Mario Cart and it was a big success!! I love the tips as then I really know if the game is worth buying or not! Thanks for all you do.

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