Thou Shalt Clean

Since I’m slowly falling in love with this blog, recommendations are in order. While I may be “super mom” juggling websites, blogs, PTO, and a slew of other child related activities, I am NOT a very good housekeeper. My house has a LOT to be desired. Alright I’ll just say it - it’s a PIT!

Which is why I’m SO glad to have found this blog.  Thou Shalt Clean is not only motivational, but gives you weekly challenges as well. We all need that kick in the rear sometimes, don’t we? Well I know I do anyway.

This week’s challenge just happens to be cleaning the livingroom/family room, which is what I need to tackle immediately.  Our “livingroom” has been a cross between that and a toy room, but more recently turned into part my son’s bedroom.  It’s still part playroom for both kids, but hopefully that will change soon. One step at a time! This week I’ll be focusing on just deep cleaning it, because it’s an absolute mess.

I’ll be following the challenges, and possibly even posting some pictures if I have some awesome “after”pictures to share. Who knows, I might even be inspired to finish painting the walls! For now though, do be sure to drop by this blog and subscribe. I DARE you to take the challenges too!

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  1. Cleaning Says:

    That is such a good idea. Setting challenges for cleaning each week. I enjoyed the related posts, as well as yours. I am in a similar situation as yourself.

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