Tuesday Toot

Yes, I’m a day late, but I still wanted to play. The ideas behind the “Tuesday Toot” is to brag about an accomplishement of you or your kids. I had a good one to share, so there’s another reason I couldn’t pass it up this week!

My brag - I got my taxes done on Sunday! Hurray! I’ve been putting this off for well, more than a month. Since I don’t have to wait for W-2s, I can pretty much do my taxes on the first of January. My lazy rear sat on them though, because the thought of having to do them just was not appealing.

However, over the weekend I finally cleaned off my desk so I could find all those receipts that pile up over the year. Yes I’m admitting my desk only really gets cleaned off once a year to find information taxes. BUT, I’m happy to say that horrible task is done, and so are my taxes! Again I have to say, HURRAY!

What’s your brag for the day? Please feel free to share here in the comments, or post yours on your own blog!

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  1. MommyCommunity Says:

    Wow - you are good! Congrats on finishing your taxes so early - which reminds me, I have to go gather receipts to get our taxes ready. Thanks for the reminder.

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